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about LletrA Project

About LletrA Project

Since December 2005, in collaboration with the Ramon Llull Institute and the Institute of Catalan Arts, lletrA Project has been offering specialist information and documentation on Catalan literature to readers, teachers, students, professionals and anyone in general interested in books and reading, in English.

Thanks to the commitment of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Open University of Catalonia, UOC) and of all the institutions that have supported it since its beginnings, lletrA Projecte has steadily established itself as the benchmark for Catalan literature on the internet.

The recognition of the portal lies not just in the significant number of visits, the number of pages on authors and published works (almost a thousand) or the awards received, but primarily in the vocation of lletrA to constantly grow and become a collaborative hub that is open to everyone, in line with the spirit of the internet.

lletrA is a network of people

Since its beginnings, lletrA has had the cooperation and collaboration of Catalan writers, lecturers and researchers from all the Catalan universities, Catalan experts from around the world, specialist critics and media professionals. Testimony to this is the more than 300 writers, the best and the finest of the Catalan literary world, who have produced hundreds of previously unpublished articles and reviews.

lletrA is a hub for literature on the internet

Every new page, every new multimedia space that we produce, selects, categorises, links and comments on the best resources on Catalan culture and literature that there are today on the internet. Constant updating is a day-to-day challenge that we maintain in order to offer the best contents on the internet.

lletrA, networking with the institutions

One of the added values of lletrA is its ongoing work with all kinds of cultural organisations, and public and private institutions interested in the study, teaching and dissemination of Catalan literature. We do not undertake any action without the cooperation and collaboration of a partner.