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  • Mercè Ibarz

    A la ciutat en obres by Mercè Ibarz appears to be, within her writing as a whole, the prelude to new music, both in the variety of themes and the registers it presents and in its revealing a new direction within the author's literary evolution. This latter assertion will...

  • Mercè Rodoreda

    The works of Mercè Rodoreda (Barcelona 1908 - Romanyà de la Selva, 1983) traverse the main areas of that modern Western literature that becomes contemporary through the experience of war and, more particularly, of exile. The experience of exile stretches the limits of...

  • Anna Murià

    - Shall we talk about journalism? Do you believe you're a good journalist and an excellent literary critic? - Oh dear, I think that in order to be a good critic I need to do a lot more reading and be much more cultured. - Modesty apart, the fact is that you have been a journalist,...

  • Ramon Erra

    The first book I ever read was El tren que va perdre una roda (The Train That Lost a Wheel). I’ve never remembered the author’s name. Is it because only books matter? I also remember that I borrowed it from the bibliobús, the mobile library. Señor Granados, who taught...

  • "Picasso in words" award 2010

    PRIZE-WINNERS We now have the winners of the Picasso en LletrA competition: CATALAN Adults: Marta Ribaudi Children: Aina Roureda Llauradó and Alexia Sarabia Kelley SPANISH Adults: Anna Valdes Menor Children: Maria Benaiges Cros ENGLISH Adults: Sebina Pulvirenti You...

  • "Picasso in words" award 2011

    PRIZE-WINNERS We now have the winners of the Picasso en LletrA competition: 5-8 Catalan: Malena Domènech López 9-13 Catalan: Maria Ullés Cortina 9-13 Castilian: Dídac Ribot Sallent + 14 Catalan: M. José Barberà + 14 Castilian: Irma Estopiñà Toquero + 14 English:...

  • "Picasso in words" award 2012

    PRIZE-WINNERS We now have the winners of the Picasso en LletrA 2012 competition: 5-8 years: CATALAN: vacant SPANISH: vacant 9-14 years: CATALAN: Clara Bisbal, from Manresa, for "Las Meninas" SPANISH: Ana Soriano, from Villena, for "El abanico" + 14 years: CATALAN: Oskar...

  • Mercè Ibarz. A Reading Guide

    Prepared by Francesc Gil and M. Josep Simó (SEDEC), in 1999.

  • Mercè Ibarz on the Lletra website in Catalan

    Including more resources and reading suggestions.

  • Mercè Ibarz in the City of Barcelona Literary Corpus

    Biography, links and a transcription of articles on this author.