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  • Mercè Rodoreda

    Mercè Rodoreda

    The works of Mercè Rodoreda (Barcelona 1908 - Romanyà de la Selva, 1983) traverse the main areas of that modern Western literature that becomes contemporary through the experience of war and, more particularly, of exile. The experience of exile stretches the limits of …

  • Mirall trencat (1974)

    Mirall trencat (1974)

    This novel, although very different from the La plaça del Diamant (titled The Time of the Doves in the English translation), joins the latter in being among the most important of Rodoreda's works. Divided into three parts and with a very interesting prologue, this is a …

  • La plaça del Diamant (1962)

    La plaça del Diamant (1962)

    This is Mercè Rodoreda’s most universal work. It has been translated into many languages and is considered to be one of the most important novels of the post-war period. It has been compared with the works of Proust and Joyce because of its willingness to explore inner …

  • Ramon Erra

    Ramon Erra

    The first book I ever read was El tren que va perdre una roda (The Train That Lost a Wheel). I’ve never remembered the author’s name. Is it because only books matter? I also remember that I borrowed it from the bibliobús, the mobile library. Señor Granados, who taught …

  • Enric Casasses

    Enric Casasses

    This is a two-edged question: who am I and why do I write? The answer is easy. I write because I don't know who I am. Groping in the dark I find another two-edged question: what am I and because of whom do I write? It doesn't ask for whom but because of whom, which is …

  • Mercè Ibarz

    Mercè Ibarz

    Mercè Ibarz (Saidí, 1954) is author, journalist and cultural critic. She has published works of fiction and biographies and writes regularly on art and photography for the newspaper La Vanguardia.

  • Montserrat Roig

    Montserrat Roig

    Barcelona, 1946-1991. Fiction writer and journalist. Daughter of the writer Tomàs Roig i Llop, she had an Arts Degree (1968) and was a Reader in Spanish at the University of Bristol (1972 - 1973). Roig is one of the most representative names of the group of authors who …

  • Guillem Frontera

    Guillem Frontera

    Els carnissers [The Butchers] reveals a novelist that has already developed the tools to turn...

  • Joaquim Ruyra

    Joaquim Ruyra

    Joaquim Ruyra (Girona, 1858 – Barcelona, 1939) wrote fiction and poetry, essays, plays and also translated. Born into a family of rural landowners and lawyers, Ruyra studied Law in Barcelona but never worked in the profession. From adolescence onwards he threw himself …

  • Vuitanta-sis contes

    Vuitanta-sis contes

    "Monzó's stories are machines that exude interest and lucidity and are fed by an initial vitalism that soon turns into anxiety and uncertainty. They permit us to witness a singular struggle between the constant centrifugal effect of an overflowing imagination and a …