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  • Mercè Rodoreda

    Mercè Rodoreda

    The works of Mercè Rodoreda (Barcelona 1908 - Romanyà de la Selva, 1983) traverse the main areas of that modern Western literature that becomes contemporary through the experience of war and, more particularly, of exile. The experience of exile stretches the limits of …

  • From website to project and hub of reference

    From website to project and hub of reference

    The LletrA web page was launched in 2001, offering information about and specialist documentation of Catalan literature for readers, teachers, students, professionals and, in general, anyone interested in books and reading in Catalan. New multilingual spaces in Spanish …

  • Montserrat Abelló

    Montserrat Abelló

    I am a woman who has lived many years and through crucial periods of history: the proclamation of the Spanish Republic, Franco's military uprising, the Civil War and exile, which I shared with my father, a naval engineer, first in France, then in England and finally in …

  • Clementina Arderiu

    Clementina Arderiu

    Daughter of a family of silversmiths, she learned the trade and studied languages, music and piano. A keen reader, she published her first poem in 1911 and, shortly afterwards, was included in the Antologia de poetes Catalans d'avui (Anthology of Present-day Catalan …

  • Josep Carner

    Josep Carner

    The life of Josep Carner i Puig-Oriol embraces a passionate period of literature and, in more general terms, of the culture and history of Catalonia. Carner was born in the heyday of Modernism but was still able to experience the maturity of many men (and also the …

  • Joan Sales

    Joan Sales

    There are few writers like Joan Sales, who leave in the reader a sense that is so alive, direct and intense of his desire to explain himself: to explain himself and explain everything as if wishing to preserve from oblivion and confusion all that he has experienced. …

  • Joan Oliver (Pere Quart)

    Joan Oliver (Pere Quart)

    Joan Oliver is a writer who is difficult to place from the generational standpoint. He was born in 1899 and hence is of the batch of Riba, Foix, Sagarra and Salvat-Papasseit. He published his first book, a collection of short stories, in 1928 but did not become known …

  • Joaquim Amat-Piniella

    Joaquim Amat-Piniella

    Joaquim Amat-Piniella fought as an artillery lieutenant in the Spanish Civil War. Exiled in France as of September 1939, he was an inmate of the Argelès and Saint-Cyprien concentration camps before being obliged to enlist in the 109 CTE task force, which was sent as …

  • Xavier Benguerel

    Xavier Benguerel

    From the standpoint of literary history, Xavier Benguerel is a writer who has a lot to offer. A member of the same generation as Anna Murià, Francesc Trabal, Maria Teresa Vernet, Ernest Martínez Ferrando, Mercè Rodoreda, Pere Calders, et cetera, his life story and his …

  • Rosa Leveroni

    Rosa Leveroni

    Rosa Leveroni i Valls was born in Barcelona on 1 April 1910, "daughter of that still-happy Barcelona bourgeoisie", to put it in her own words. She studied at the Príncep d'Astúries (Prince of Asturias) College and with the "Dames Negres" (Black Ladies) in the Passeig …