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  • Montserrat Abelló

    Montserrat Abelló

    I am a woman who has lived many years and through crucial periods of history: the proclamation of the Spanish Republic, Franco's military uprising, the Civil War and exile, which I shared with my father, a naval engineer, first in France, then in England and finally in …

  • Maria Barbal

    Maria Barbal

    I am a woman. I was born in Tremp so they call me "Trempolina". I spent my childhood and early adolescence in the Pallars region. Hundreds of days in Jussà and hundreds of hours in Sobirà. My parents gave me what they were unable to have themselves: an education from …

  • Maria Àngels Anglada

    Maria Àngels Anglada

    The writing of Maria Àngels Anglada (Vic, 1930) has become a benchmark of authenticity, among the purest in contemporary Catalan literature. Her voice, which tenderly retains ancient registers of wisdom, has a timbre that sweetly modulates prodigies of art and beauty …

  • Maria-Mercè Marçal

    Maria-Mercè Marçal

    She completed her secondary schooling in Lleida and studied Classical Philology at the University of Barcelona where she soon came to know other young poets (Ramon Pinyol, Xavier Bru de Sala and, later, Miquel Desclot, Jaume Medina...) with whom she would found the …

  • Clementina Arderiu

    Clementina Arderiu

    Daughter of a family of silversmiths, she learned the trade and studied languages, music and piano. A keen reader, she published her first poem in 1911 and, shortly afterwards, was included in the Antologia de poetes Catalans d'avui (Anthology of Present-day Catalan …

  • Montserrat Roig

    Montserrat Roig

    Barcelona, 1946-1991. Fiction writer and journalist. Daughter of the writer Tomàs Roig i Llop, she had an Arts Degree (1968) and was a Reader in Spanish at the University of Bristol (1972 - 1973). Roig is one of the most representative names of the group of authors who …

  • Imma Monsó

    Imma Monsó

    Imma Monsó (LLeida, 1959) has published eight novels to great critical and public acclaim: No se sap mai (One Never...

  • Maria Aurèlia Capmany

    Maria Aurèlia Capmany

    Educated in some years of "normality" and imbued with republican ideas, Maria Aurèlia Capmany (Barcelona, 1918-1991) did not have an easy time becoming a writer in the Catalonia of the years that followed the Civil War. Her literary beginnings were marked by the …

  • Anna Montero

    Anna Montero

    Anna Montero's poetry never reflects the unbridled wildness of a storm. Her poems are serene acceptance of the voracity of an element that is common to flotsam lying on the beach and the words with which the poet tries to cling to quietude: the inexorable passing of …

  • Empar Moliner

    Empar Moliner

    It all began with some books. Thick, blood-coloured books that the grandfather of Empar Moliner (Santa Eulàlia de Ronçana, Vallès Oriental, 1966) would give her every birthday; as she grew and her character became more established, she would receive a new volume each …