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  • Ramon Solsona

    Ramon Solsona

    Born in Barcelona in 1950, he is a novelist, poet and scriptwriter. His work reflects everyday realities with great richness of register and language, from humour through to reflection, together with complex structures and lively expression. He has published the …

  • La plaça del Diamant (1962)

    La plaça del Diamant (1962)

    This is Mercè Rodoreda’s most universal work. It has been translated into many languages and is considered to be one of the most important novels of the post-war period. It has been compared with the works of Proust and Joyce because of its willingness to explore inner …

  • Màrius Sampere

    Màrius Sampere

    Màrius Sampere was born in Barcelona on 28 December 1928 in carrer de la Igualtat (now called carrer de Cartagena) in the Guinardó neighbourhood. His father, Antoni Sampere Forns, was an office worker, as was his mother Adela Passarell Semper. Antoni Sampere was a …

  • Pere Gimferrer

    Pere Gimferrer

    He began to study Arts and Law at the University of Barcelona but did not finish the degrees. He is one of the directors of the publishing house Seix Barral. He has translated into Spanish Ramon Llull, Ausiàs March, Beckett, Sade, Joan Brossa, and Gabriel Ferrater. …

  • Màrius Torres

    Màrius Torres

    He studied Medicine at the University of Barcelona and, having completed his studies, travelled through France and Italy in 1933. He was captivated by both countries and especially by the city of Florence. He worked for only a short time in Lleida as he very soon (1935) …

  • Najat El Hachmi

    Najat El Hachmi

    I wanted to be a writer... and a chemist. When I was a little girl, aged about ten or eleven, I really liked the Sherlock Holmes stories and, well, since the...

  • Miquel Bauçà
  • Carles Duarte

    Carles Duarte

    The little I know has plenty to do with what I've read and what I've written. Mediterranean as I am, I understand life, above all, as the joy of existing and the desire to know. The Mediterranean is olive oil and wine and it's where the bluest horizons fuse, but it's …

  • Salvador Dalí

    Salvador Dalí

    Figueres, 1904-1989. Painter, sculptor, decorator and writer. The son of a notary, he studied at the Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes (School of Fine Arts) in Madrid where he lodged at the Students’ Residence and thus came into contact with the group of poets and …

  • Joan Margarit

    Joan Margarit

    Joan Margarit (Sanaüja, 1938) has reached the felicitous point that now enables him to harvest the fruit of many years of work, of what -to paraphrase him- he has done, rather than what he thought he ought to do. Margarit's literary engagement, moreover, has markedly …