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  • Francesc Trabal

    Francesc Trabal

    Francesc Trabal i Benessat was born in Sabadell on 5 May 1899. Brilliant and of restless disposition, he played an active and notable role in the Catalan cultural world of his times. By the time he was eighteen, he was part of a circle of friends that included a number …

  • Guillem Frontera

    Guillem Frontera

    Els carnissers [The Butchers] reveals a novelist that has already developed the tools to turn...

  • Albert Forns

    Albert Forns

    I have never put limits on fiction. And surprisingly so, because even though we may have overcome all the...

  • Valentí Puig

    Valentí Puig

    Journalism, diaries, poetry, stories and the novel – five genres which Valentí Puig (Palma de Mallorca, 1949) has been working with since the end of the 1970s – all come together in La vida és estranya (Life Is Strange), the story of an aristocrat from Conca de Corema, …

  • Maite Carranza

    Maite Carranza

    If we are what we eat, we must surely dream what we read. When I look back, I can identify each and every one of the moments of my life with the title of a book. I grew up warmed by books. Born in Barcelona’s Eixample neighbourhood and the oldest of four children, I’ve …

  • Vicenç Pagès Jordà

    Vicenç Pagès Jordà

    I’m asked to tell you who I am and why I write, and I don’t like these two questions. Saying who I am seems futile and unnecessary. When English people say, “My name is…”, after which they tell you their name, they assume that the name is not what they are but, rather, …

  • Joan Carreras

    Joan Carreras

    I write because I have always written and I shall probably never stop writing. I write because I need to, and because I don’t know if I’d be able to live any other way. I write, above all, because I like telling stories in the way I want to, and because I hope other …

  • Marta Rojals

    Marta Rojals

    Not very long ago, fiction used to be inhabited by self-absorbed characters, slightly catatonic individuals, fugitives from real life inhabiting a false world as if there were no banks or supermarkets in cities, and as if the minutiae of everyday life didn’t affect …

  • Neus Canyelles

    Neus Canyelles

    My paternal grandfather, whom I didn’t know because he died a month before I was born, was a carpenter. He made very high quality furniture with wonderful moulding and forms. Sometimes his work was more sober and other times it was more ornate but it always had the …

  • Andreu Martín

    Andreu Martín

    “Writing in genre means playing with or, in other words, accepting a kind of literature which has its own rules, engages the reader and sustains communication.” These words might well define Andreu Martín’s career as a novelist in which he has spent thirty years …