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  • Feliu Formosa

    Feliu Formosa

    After a public reading of my poems in Girona, one member of the audience observed that my conception of the poem was often very theatrical, as if the surrounding realities constituted some kind of stage set. I'm not aware of this but the opinion amused me. There is a …

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  • Marta Pessarrodona

    Marta Pessarrodona

    In different attempts to take in Marta Pessarrodona's poetic oeuvre as a whole, the response of one of the first readers of this poet from the Vallès region (and doubtless one of the most discerning she will ever have) is frequently invoked. In the Prologue to Setembre …

  • Gabriel Ferrater

    Gabriel Ferrater

    The intellectual and poetic career of Gabriel Ferrater i Soler (Reus 1922 - Sant Cugat 1972) covers a relatively short period (from 1950 to 1972, the year of his tragic death) but it was intense, brilliant and of undeniable intellectual vigour and quality.Reus, 1922 - …

  • Antoni Vidal Ferrando

    Antoni Vidal Ferrando

    Poetry isn't meant to be explained. Every poem says what it says and is the result of a not always known or predictable inner process. Besides the deliberate reasons that impel one to give a particular kind...

  • Albert Roig

    Albert Roig

    Born in Tortosa in 1959, Albert Roig is a poet and essayist. After several fringe publications, he embarked on his main body of poetic work with the publication of Córrer la taronja (Pass over the Orange, 1989) and Que no passa (It's Not Happening, 1990), winner of the …

  • Jean Serra

    Jean Serra

    The way I see it, the poet is not necessarily an isolated being in an ivory tower. In any case, as Marià Villangómez has written, his or her isolation "is for a more intimate union". The profession is at once...

  • Joan Vinyoli

    Joan Vinyoli

    His father died when he was four years old and his childhood was marked by the straitened economic circumstances of his family and the happiness of the summers he spent in Santa Coloma de Farners, a landscape he frequently evoked in his poetry. He did Business Studies …

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  • Montserrat Abelló

    Montserrat Abelló

    I am a woman who has lived many years and through crucial periods of history: the proclamation of the Spanish Republic, Franco's military uprising, the Civil War and exile, which I shared with my father, a naval engineer, first in France, then in England and finally in …