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  • 2015 LletrA Prize

    2015 LletrA Prize

    The Fundació Prudenci Bertrana (Prudenci Bertrana Foundation) and the Open University of Catalonia are pleased to announce this Prize which aims to bring attention to the best digital initiative for promoting the pleasure of reading in Catalan and publicising Catalan …

  • Ramon Solsona

    Ramon Solsona

    Born in Barcelona in 1950, he is a novelist, poet and scriptwriter. His work reflects everyday realities with great richness of register and language, from humour through to reflection, together with complex structures and lively expression. He has published the …

  • Albert Roig

    Albert Roig

    Born in Tortosa in 1959, Albert Roig is a poet and essayist. After several fringe publications, he embarked on his main body of poetic work with the publication of Córrer la taronja (Pass over the Orange, 1989) and Que no passa (It's Not Happening, 1990), winner of the …

  • Maria Antònia Oliver

    Maria Antònia Oliver

    Born in Manacor in 1946, resident in Barcelona since 1969, and married to the writer Jaume Fuster, Maria Antònia Oliver is a novelist. She has written for Perlas y Cuevas and Lluc, in Mallorca, and Tele-estel, El Correo Catalán, Canigó, Serra d'Or, El Temps, Diari de …

  •  "Picasso in words" award 2013
  • "Picasso in words" award 2010
  • "Picasso in words" award 2011
  • Màrius Sampere

    Màrius Sampere

    Màrius Sampere was born in Barcelona on 28 December 1928 in carrer de la Igualtat (now called carrer de Cartagena) in the Guinardó neighbourhood. His father, Antoni Sampere Forns, was an office worker, as was his mother Adela Passarell Semper. Antoni Sampere was a …

  • "Picasso in words" award 2012
  • Màrius Serra

    Màrius Serra

    The more people ask me about it the less I know why, but I do write and I do it with pleasure even when they make me write about what I write, like now. I started early. As a kid. I poured my heart out in the compositions they asked me to do at school and also in the …