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  • Pere Gimferrer

    Pere Gimferrer

    He began to study Arts and Law at the University of Barcelona but did not finish the degrees. He is one of the directors of the publishing house Seix Barral. He has translated into Spanish Ramon Llull, Ausiàs March, Beckett, Sade, Joan Brossa, and Gabriel Ferrater. …

  • Emili Rosales

    Emili Rosales

    [In La ciutat invisible -The Invisible City] Rosales has succeeded in drip-feeding the information, in...

  • Bel Olid

    Bel Olid

    Bel Olid is skilful in her approach to the genre of storytelling, what she describes as her "natural habitat"...

  • J.V. Foix

    J.V. Foix

    The poetry of J. V. Foix is, in his own words, that of "a researcher into poetry". His verse, as a consequence, is highly experimental. His work is a subtle combination of ancient and modern values, from both conceptual and formal perspectives.

  • Ponç Pons

    Ponç Pons

    [...] On the one hand we have varied and heterogeneous sources of inspiration - or "pretext" (pre-text), as it might more aptly be named, one suggests - and, on the other, the application of this variety to equally diverse stylistic recipes. In effect, there is hardly …

  • Miquel de Palol

    Miquel de Palol

    Miquel de Palol (Barcelona, 1953). Poet and fiction writer. He studied architecture and made his literary debut with a book of poems...

  • Salvador Dalí

    Salvador Dalí

    Figueres, 1904-1989. Painter, sculptor, decorator and writer. The son of a notary, he studied at the Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes (School of Fine Arts) in Madrid where he lodged at the Students’ Residence and thus came into contact with the group of poets and …

  • Feliu Formosa

    Feliu Formosa

    After a public reading of my poems in Girona, one member of the audience observed that my conception of the poem was often very theatrical, as if the surrounding realities constituted some kind of stage set. I'm not aware of this but the opinion amused me. There is a …

  • Martí Domínguez

    Martí Domínguez

    The fact is that everything — or just about everything — is part of my literary activity. My interest in biology and history of art, my vocation as a journalist, my work as a novelist, all of it somehow links up and, from the different connections, I keep getting a …

  • Josep Palau i Fabre

    Josep Palau i Fabre

    Josep Palau i Fabre was born in Barcelona in 1917 into a family that moved in the art milieu (his father was a painter and decorator). Besides being a poet, playwright, short-story writer and essayist, he has written a great deal about painting and, in particular about …