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  • Guillem Frontera

    Guillem Frontera

    Els carnissers [The Butchers] reveals a novelist that has already developed the tools to turn...

  • Toni Sala

    Toni Sala

    Toni Sala (Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Girona, 1969) is presently the author of two books of short stories and two novels, although it could also be said that he is the author of three novels, or four or five. It is not that there are any doubts about the attribution of the …

  • Ramon Solsona

    Ramon Solsona

    Born in Barcelona in 1950, he is a novelist, poet and scriptwriter. His work reflects everyday realities with great richness of register and language, from humour through to reflection, together with complex structures and lively expression. He has published the …

  • Víctor Català (Caterina Albert)

    Víctor Català (Caterina Albert)

    Víctor Català was the pseudonym of the novelist and short-story writer, Caterina Albert (L'Escala, 1869-1966), who also wrote poetry and monologues for the stage. She was the eldest of the four children of the lawyer, politician and rural landowner Lluís Albert and his …

  • Joaquim Carbó

    Joaquim Carbó

    If I had to define Joaquim Carbó in just one word and taking into account my relationship with him spanning almost three decades, I'd unhesitatingly choose tolerance. He is, of all the people I know and have dealt with, the one whose behaviour is closest to the …

  • Vuitanta-sis contes

    Vuitanta-sis contes

    "Monzó's stories are machines that exude interest and lucidity and are fed by an initial vitalism that soon turns into anxiety and uncertainty. They permit us to witness a singular struggle between the constant centrifugal effect of an overflowing imagination and a …

  • Jaume Cabré

    Jaume Cabré

    Jaume Cabré (Barcelona 1947) is one of most widely read writers of contemporary Catalan literature. He is the author of...

  • Quim Monzó

    Quim Monzó

    Quim Monzó was born in Barcelona in 1952. Among other things, he has been a graphic designer, a comic artist, a war correspondent, a songwriter, a scriptwriter for television and radio, a translator (Jude the Obscure, by Thomas Hardy, The Martian Chronicles by Ray …

  • Eduard Márquez

    Eduard Márquez

    Eduard Márquez (Barcelona, 1960) has written books of poetry, collections of short stories and novels for children and adults. His early commitment to poetry (La travesía innecesaria [The Unnecessary Crossing], 1991) and Antes de la nieve [Before the Snow] (1994), both …

  • Joaquim Ruyra

    Joaquim Ruyra

    Joaquim Ruyra (Girona, 1858 – Barcelona, 1939) wrote fiction and poetry, essays, plays and also translated. Born into a family of rural landowners and lawyers, Ruyra studied Law in Barcelona but never worked in the profession. From adolescence onwards he threw himself …