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  • Frederic Soler, "Pitarra"

    Frederic Soler, "Pitarra"

    The figure of Frederic Soler i Hubert, born in Barcelona on 9 October 1839, cannot be seen separately from a whole generation in the theatre that was born, to put it in literary terms, in the early 1860s and subsequently...

  • Lluís-Anton Baulenas

    Lluís-Anton Baulenas

    I was born in 1958 in a traditional working-class neighbourhood of Barcelona, Sant Andreu, where the rule is live and let live, where everyone's accepted and there's not much prying into other people's business. It's a neighbourhood of people with initiative, who came …

  • Feliu Formosa

    Feliu Formosa

    After a public reading of my poems in Girona, one member of the audience observed that my conception of the poem was often very theatrical, as if the surrounding realities constituted some kind of stage set. I'm not aware of this but the opinion amused me. There is a …

  • Josep Palau i Fabre

    Josep Palau i Fabre

    Josep Palau i Fabre was born in Barcelona in 1917 into a family that moved in the art milieu (his father was a painter and decorator). Besides being a poet, playwright, short-story writer and essayist, he has written a great deal about painting and, in particular about …

  • Lluïsa Cunillé

    Lluïsa Cunillé

    In the 22 (twenty-two!) plays written by Lluïsa Cunillé between 1991 and the time of writing, she has applied her poetry of subtraction, as I should like to call it, to different areas of theatre with results that are also different. From her total occlusion of the …

  • Josep M. Benet i Jornet

    Josep M. Benet i Jornet

    My grandfather Josep Benet was a humble farmer from Borges Blanques, one of those people who hung a picture of Macià at the head of the bed. Neither he nor his children read books or went to see plays. They had enough to do fighting poverty. My grandfather Francesc …

  • Àngel Guimerà

    Àngel Guimerà

    The details of Àngel Guimerà's biography have been a source of controversy, from his real birth date (1845, but deliberately falsified by the playwright) to matters that more directly concerned his private life. In fact, some writers have seen the two areas as related. …

  • Manuel de Pedrolo

    Manuel de Pedrolo

    Manuel de Pedrolo (l'Aranyó, 1918-Barcelona, 1990) was a clandestine member of a sequestered society. One of a long line of nobles, he was born within the walls of a castle belonging to his father's family in the harsh lands of Segarra. He was a solitary adolescent …

  • Albert Roig

    Albert Roig

    Born in Tortosa in 1959, Albert Roig is a poet and essayist. After several fringe publications, he embarked on his main body of poetic work with the publication of Córrer la taronja (Pass over the Orange, 1989) and Que no passa (It's Not Happening, 1990), winner of the …

  • Maria Barbal

    Maria Barbal

    I am a woman. I was born in Tremp so they call me "Trempolina". I spent my childhood and early adolescence in the Pallars region. Hundreds of days in Jussà and hundreds of hours in Sobirà. My parents gave me what they were unable to have themselves: an education from …